Some of our clients include:

All-inclusive Package:

Product video packages offer the customer the complete service:

  • Product evaluation and scripting
  • Overseen by professional specialist teachers to include age appropriate activities
  • Filmed in an educational setting
  • Special effects where required, such as - stop motion/close ups/GoPro etc.
  • Editing/fine tuning post production including changes and additions to the scripts and film footage as required by the customer
  • Professional voiceover and background music score
  • Title screens inc logos etc.

Typically videos last for around 1 minute or less and include all the educational points to demonstrate the benefits of the product to the child in the classroom.

Over the past 10 years I have created several hundred educational videos for various companies including: Commotion Ltd. TTS, Data Harvest, Smart Technologies, Cicada and Edx Taiwan.

Further examples of videos produced by Thinking Products:

PIP Kombi

Large construction system for children from 2 years of age to promote imaginative play. Designed and manufactured by Thinking Products in the UK.

Water Play Activity Frame - Edx Education, Water & Sand Play, Early Years

Edx Education is an international manufacturer of quality educational products and materials to customers throughout the world.

Blue-Bot from TTS Group

Blue-Bot is a robot that can be programmed in a variety of ways providing progression for children from Key Stage one to Key Stage 2. Unlike the Bee-Bot it is controllable via Bluetooth. It provides children with a means of creating their own logical programming sequences in a fun and interesting way.

TickiTĀ® Castle Builders Set

TickiT Castle Builder Set Promotional Video.